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Your guide to experiencing Alaska's Public Lands
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Another benefit of eating enough calories every day for your body’s needs is that you’re much more likely to have a healthier relationship with food. Being deprived can increase cravings and preoccupation with “forbidden” foods, while practicing balance and moderation allows you to make better decisions related to healthy eating long term. You’ll have the ability to go longer periods without needing snacks and without any noticeable discomforts, less mood fluctuations, fewer energy changes and better digestive function when you work on boosting your metabolism by eating enough.

One of the best ways to make sure you keep your metabolism humming along is to eat consistently throughout the day, not skipping meals — like skipping breakfast — in an attempt to cut calories. This is especially true for breakfast, which is a meal that has been tied to better weight and mood management. Meal timing can look differently for different people, some choosing to eat three square meals a day with fewer snacks, while others prefer eating smaller meals but more often. Either approach is OKas long as it keeps your energy, blood sugar and hunger levels stable.

skipping breakfast

2. Get Plenty of Rest

There’s a proven link between a properly functioning metabolism and getting adequate sleep and rest — Top Moda Isla Back LaceUp Boot ySQxE
can mean lack of weight loss . “Running on fumes” can seriously slow down your metabolism since the body works to conserve energy when it’s fatigued. Make it a priority to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night in order to keep hormone levels in check, including cortisol, which leads the body to store more fat.High cortisol levels associated with a lack of sleep are tied to poor mental functioning, weight gain and becoming more resistant to insulin that controls blood sugar.

lack of sleep

Another way to maintain hormonal balance is to rest enough between exercise days. Overtraining repeatedly causes fatigue, muscle loss and a lower metabolic rate, not the opposite as you might think. Exercise impacts your hormonal status, and intense workouts without rest elevate cortisol levels. This winds up impairing insulin sensitivity, stalling the body’s ability to recover from workouts and damaging the processes that repair and build healthy muscle tissue.


3. Try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Exercise of any kind is important for keeping metabolic function working into older age. Some studies have found that while metabolism usually declines as someone gets older, this isn’t necessarily the case if you stay active and maintain muscle mass. A 2001 study published in the American Journal of Physiology showed that there wasn’t a significant difference in resting metabolic rate between groupsof young and older physically active men who were matched for exercise volume and estimated energy intake. () A decline in metabolism seems to be related most to age-associated reductions in exercise volume and calorie consumption but doesn’t always occur in men who maintain exercise volume and eat enough to support their needs.

or extremely similar bore pitch is what makes this possible, or (almost) impossible.
In reversible motors, the start and run windings are exactly .
The cell contains genetic information to the donated somatic cell.
However, their capabilities are not ; also the cue sheet is a text file format.
The official emblems of both companies are nevertheless .
Here, however, an approach must be used for all the sides of the conflict.
From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English
Regarding sharing the effort, aside from a few details, it is .
From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English
At the stair's landing, there are two richly crafted iron grilled gates.
If special measures can be adopted for the financial crisis, why are measures refused for the shipbuilding industry?
From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English
Two objects may appear visually but may be distinguished through examination of their spectral properties.
They differ very little from those currently in force and are almost between themselves.
From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English
While plagiarism and copyright violation are related matters-both can, at times, involve failure to properly credit sources-they are not .
Moreover, the liberalization of the gas market must not be considered as to that of the electricity market.
From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English
Nearly two dozen residences were built, all following one-floor plans.
The first and the last note of the theme are .

Translations of “identical”

完全相同的, 極為相似的…




serupa, identik…


เหมือนกัน, ตรงกัน, เท่ากัน…

giống hệt, đúng…


serupa, sama…

tıpatıp aynı, benzer, tıpkı…

같은, 동일한…



одинаковый, такой же самый…

完全相同的, 极为相似的…

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Cultivated Culture

Land Your Dream Job Without Applying Online

By cultivatedculture 1 Comment

A good resume objective is the difference between landing the interview and having your application tossed in the trash.

Here’s why:

You’ve probably heard that employers spend an average of six seconds scanning your resume. But do you know where they spend the majority of that time?

Scanning the resume objective.

It’s the easiest way for them to qualify (or disqualify) candidates, which is why it’s critical that you structure your objective in a way that’s easy to digest and hooks your potential employer from the first bullet.

This, my friend, is easier said than done. If you did a Google search for “resume objective” you probably came across a bunch of conflicting advice that left you wondering:

At least that’s how I felt when I was looking for help during my job search. This article aims to change that. It’s going to be your one stop shop for crafting a resume objective that achieves a single goal: getting you the interview and the job offer.

getting you the interview and the job offer.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

Once you’re done with this article, go ahead and check out this guide on writing resumes that will actually get you hired (the first time).

What Is A Resume Objective ( Why Should You Care)?

Your resume objective is the first section that appears below your name and contact information on your resume:

A highly effective objective includes 3-5 bullets of the most relevant experience and compelling results when compared to the job description.

Other career websites and “gurus” may advocate for different formats. Since founding Cultivated Culture, I’ve had thousands of resumes come across my desk which has given me the opportunity to test each style, collect data, and monitor success. The bullet-style that I’ll be walking you through in this article outperformed every other format.

It’s specifically designed to hook the reader, highlight the information they are using to qualify candidates, and deliver it in a format that is easy to digest. Here’s a quick comparison of the bullet-style vs. a paragraph style resume objective (in the context of an outbound sales role):

Example of Bullet Style

Example of Paragraph Style

At [Company], I am responsible for managing a team of six sales people that have a track record of consistently over-attaining against quota and drove ~40% of net new sales last year for the company. Most recently, I restructured our sales pitch process to incorporate a “Challenger Sale” mindset from the initialpoint of contact through to the close. It helped us increase our sell through rate by 15% and increased our average deal size by 29% versus the previous process. Finally, diversity and inclusion is a huge passion of mine. I created a group called embRACE which aims to help make diversityand inclusions a core pillar of our company’s culture.

Elevated FGF23 levels are associated with decreased 1,25(OH) 2 D levels ( 46 ) because of their suppressive effect on 1-α hydroxylase. Elevated FG23 levels may also increase the degradation of 25(OH)D by increasing the activity of 25-hydroxyvitamin D-24-hydroxylase ( 47 ). Transplant recipients may constitute a special subset of CKD patients because FGF23 levels drop in the posttransplant setting because of restoration of kidney function ( 48 ). This might also explain the greater increase in 25(OH)D levels noted in this review of transplant recipients apart from the influence of differences in the study design (dose, frequency, etc. ). However, this interaction between FGF23 and calciferols needs to be studied in future clinical trials because it is unclear how much of this benefit noted in these observational studies might have been influenced by other strategies used to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism.

Recently, Palmer et al. pooled data from 16 RCTs of active vitamin D analogs among CKD patients not on dialysis and 60 RCTs among CKD patients on dialysis ( 49 , 50 ). In each of these subgroups, authors reported a reduction in PTH levels by 49.34 pg/ml (95% CI −85.70 to −12.97) and 196.05 pg/ml (95% CI −298.43 to −93.66), respectively. Our pooled analysis of RCTs showed a net decrease of 31 pg/ml in PTH levels—whether the benefit of vitamin D repletion would be additive to that obtained with active vitamin D is unclear. A recent RCT comparing active vitamin D analog to vitamin D supplementation showed no difference in PTH reduction between the treatment groups ( 51 ). We could not explore the benefits and risks of sequential versus combined treatment with both forms of vitamin D therapy in this review.

Lower vitamin D levels are associated with incident cardiovascular disease and mortality in the general population ( 13 ). A recent meta-analysis that included observational and randomized studies of vitamin D supplementation concluded that on the basis of limited evidence, vitamin D supplements at moderate to high doses may reduce cardiovascular risk ( 14 ). However, this analysis included studies that assessed active vitamin D analog and calciferols in dialysis and the general population. In analysis restricted to RCTs, no benefit was noted with vitamin D supplementation in the general population. Low serum 25(OH)D concentrations are associated with a higher risk for hip fractures ( 52 ). However, the effects of vitamin D on vertebral and hip fractures varied with dose, type of agent, and study population in people without kidney disease ( 53 ). We did not identify any study that assessed whether vitamin D supplementation improved bone and cardiovascular outcomes in CKD. This is critical because targeting surrogate endpoints does not always translate into an improvement in long-term outcomes such as cardiovascular disease and mortality in patients with CKD ( 54 ).



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